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We believe that learning should be a comfortable and engaging experience, and that's why we've transformed our place into the perfect environment for knowledge to flourish.


Let us create a learning journey just for you! 

Our Lessons

For Primary 1 - 2 classes:

- Tuition fee: $150 per month

- Group size: 3-4 students per session

- Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes


For Primary 3 - 4 classes:

- Tuition fee: $180 per month

- Group size: 3 students per session

- Duration: 2 hours

Tutor Rate

Wise Owl Tutoring | Tuition for Kindergarten Singapore 


Our Primary Home Tuition provides tailored assistance to students in the comfort of their homes. This individualised approach ensures that students receive focused attention, addressing specific learning needs and challenges. Our math tuition complements the Singapore syallbus very closely, making learning extremely effective for our students!

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