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Her style of teaching is phenomenal. My elder son has grow in confidence with his English and Math. He was with Teacher Has since K1. He was a slow learner. Before entering P1, Iw was nervous if he can read and able to cope. With Teacher Has’ guidance, I can see my son’s improvement with his reading and Math. I am extremely happy and I highly recommend parents to Teacher Has. Now I have enrolled my second son who is 4 years old.


Mother of Rayyan & Rais

Teacher Has is a hardworking, well organised, committed tutor who has give much to students. Stella has learnt ahead before entering P1 next year. I am glad to enrol my daughter with Teacher Has.


Mother of Stella

Dear Teacher Has, I am writing this letter to express our sincere thanks to your effort to help my girl to improve her English and Math and she is always looking forward to her lessons. She was weak in English and Math and confused about the words and numbers. She got 87(Math) and 80(English) from 60. It gave her more confidence in her studies and greatly motivated her. We appreciate the amount of time you spent on her, attention and encouragement you have given to my girl since P1. Thanks again for your dedication.

Ruth Li

Mother of Amberly

Hi teacher akak just want to let u know my daughter very happy attend your class...she learn a lot and excited to complete your exercise ... even tho she dont know and don't understand she try very hard to find every word from google or siri..... now she like to text me use english work compare last time always talk or text in malay.... thank you very much teacher course make my daughter confident, excited, work hard and happy to learn more and more 


Let she learn from you Teacher Has.. she is in a good hands like you Teacher.


Thank you Teacher Has for all the guidance to both of them and they learnt a lot from Teacher Has.

Mother of Gab (K2) and Mikaela (P2

Thanks sis you are our angel on the earth. Million Thanks for your efforts to super tutor in Singapore.


Oh dear, I would like for her to teach is there any way she can squeeze a slot for Zacharias I humbly request. Even if it's night I'm fine with it cause my son is heading to primary one and the way she taught him was good.


He got full mark today.. then the p2s form teacher will mark and see, which class is the highest mark and will announce next wk.


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